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About Us

CASH for DICK Partners Program! You can start right now sending traffic to sign-up at CFS Porn, our membership site. As with any business decision, we'd like an opportunity to convince you why selecting us as a partner is a good business move.

Honesty and reliability are critical in deciding who you select as a business partner. There are many options online these days and we've examined several before making our decisions about what we'd offer partners. After seeing so many programs that were confusing, perhaps intentionally, we wanted to keep it simple and straight-forward. We pay you 50 percent of all the money generated from your partnership, both for any trial offers and also for renewals. This 50 percent payout continues for the life of the membership so, as you can see, the numbers have the ability to begin adding up over time. Any fees charged to us by our credit card processor are never deducted from your fees. Obviously if one of your members does a charge-back (a charge is reversed and ultimately must be refunded), we have to return that money. In these rare instances (I don't believe we've ever had a charge-back for our membership site), your half of the money would need to be deducted from future payouts.

Since we've been in business since 1995 (making us ancient by Internet standards), you can appreciate we're not a fly-by-night operation, nor are we the new kid on the block. We bring our experience and expertise to this venture and you can be sure we're continuing to work hard to make sure our partners succeed along with ourselves.

'CFS Porn' is owned by CFS.com, LLC. All material on this page and all linked pages belonging to CFS.com, LLC are copyright protected. No permission is granted and, in fact, it is strictly forbidden to make use of this material, in whole or in part, for any purpose without obtaining written permission. Violators are subject to legal action.

Another reason to work with us is the uniqueness of Pornstar Trivia. The variety of men we offer makes it a certainty that your site visitors, whether they be into straight guys or porn actors or hairy men or, yes, twinks, will find reason to join CFS Porn and, more importantly, keep on renewing. Add to this that the vast majority of our content is exclusive to CFS Porn and will never to seen anywhere else, and you can see why we are a popular sell!

If you have questions you'd like answered before signing up, write us a note to gabe@cruisingforsex.com. Before writing, though, you might check out our frequently asked questions page and see if we don't deal with it there. Once you sign-up, you can download banners and enter your correct tracking code at prime spots on your website. Look for periodic email updates from us, too. Opportunities, special promotions and the arrival of new banners are the kinds of things we'll share with you by email. If you want, you can even check out a Escort Agency or check out a Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs